Diaphragm Pressure Gauges

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Diaphragm Pressure Gauges

Leaveraging on our advanced infrstructure, we manufacture and supply an extensive range of diaphrgam pressure gauges. Widely acclaimed for durability, efficiency and accuracy, our diaphrgampressure guageis suitable for low pressure measurement pf commercial heating, filtration system level measurement, gas distribution. Available in dial Size of 100mm & 150mm, that are aluminum white painted with 270 degree black scale marking.

Our range finds wide application in :
Environment & heating engineering
Filter Monitoring
Medical & Vaccum Technology
Level indication

Construction feature are as follows :
Case & Bezel (IP-65) SS 304 snap action bayonet type
Accuracy: + 1% of full scale
Window : Toughned / Safety Glass
Pointer Element: Al./Brass , zero adjustment/Micro Zero adjustment pointer
Pressure Element: SS 316 Diaphragm, Compact capsule
Dial size: 100 mm, 150 mm
Dial: Aluminium white pointed with 270 degree black scale marking
Scale range: for Schaffer Diaphragm 760 mm Hg Vacuum,Compound , 0.6 to 21 Kg/cm'
Movement: Brass/SS 304
Mounting scale Range: Direct bottom entry
Over load protection: 125 % of f.s.d. for < 150 kg/cm7 and 115% of f.s.d. for > 150 kg/cm2
For low pressure diaphragm : 250 mmWc to 6000 mm WC
For Compact Capsule: 250 mmWc to 6000 mmWc

Upper Chamber :
Material, Diaphragm Material, Lower Chamber: SS 304, Carbon Steel Powder Coated. Brass /SS 316
PTFE Coating can provided if required SS 304 /SS 316 , PTFE Lining provide if required (Threaded /Flange type)

Application : • Oil and Gas Industry • Refinery Industry • Power Generation Industry • Automobile Industry
• Chemical & Fertilizer Industry • Nuclear & Defense Industry

All Dimensions are for reference only, and are subject to change without prior Notice Sizes and types other than featured above are available on request.

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